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A scattering tube is a cylinder shaped tube that is used to help spread the ashes of your loved one over their final resting place. These tubes come individually or as sets for distributing a small amount of ashes to loved ones to partake in the ceremony. 


We carry urns in many different shapes and sizes, ranging from adult size to a matching, smaller keepsake size, and even offer companion sizes for two or four pets to share.


Most of our urns, with a few exceptions, can be personalized via an optional nameplate.


Please email us at info@adamsurns.com with any questions about our urns, nameplates or engraving and shipping policies.


When choosing the size of urn you might need, please keep in mind the general rule of thumb for sizing is:

One pound of person or animal equals approx. 1 cubic inch of remains.


For example, a 200 cubic inch urn would generally hold a person or animal that weighed 200-225 pounds. For questions about sizing, please email us at info@adamsurns.com

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