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At Peace Memorials is an industry leader providing quality urns and memorial products in your time of need. Choosing a final resting place for a loved one or for yourself is a daunting task, as each person is special and one would like the final resting place to reflect your loved one’s unique personality, interests, careers, hobbies, spirit and passions. Our mission is to help you find the ideal memorial, which helps you and your loved ones find peace during this difficult time.

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  • By Nicole in California: "I received my urn today and I would just like to reiterate how pleased I am with this selection and commend you on the simple beauty of the piece. Thank you, again for patience and assistance with me when dealing with this matter. You are a true professional.
  • Lester in New Jersey: "thank u so much, the urn is so beautiful i love it. once again thank u. u will have my business for life, thank u for getting back to me right away."
  • Dennis in Pennsylvania: "My praise to your firm for the rapid delivery (within 2 days), which was well packaged. Also for the high quality of both the urns and the engravings, they far exceeded my expectations."


What is cremation?

Cremation is the process of reducing human or pet remains to tiny particles, through exposure to intense heat or in some cases, liquid chemicals. The process takes around three hours, after which the remains are mechanically or chemically processed into a coarse, sand-like powder.


How do I know if I am truly getting back the remains of my loved one?

All states that offer cremation have strict guidelines in place to ensure mistakes are not made during the cremation process, and remains are not lost or mixed up. While the rules and guidelines may vary from state to state, if this is a concern to your family, be sure to ask your funeral home or cremation provider what steps they take to ensure the remains you receive are that of your loved one.


Is a casket required for cremation?

Most states require the body to be cremated in an approved container. This can vary from a sturdy cardboard container to a full wooden casket, but under the FTC “Funeral Rule”, the funeral home must make you ware of the different approved containers you can choose from. Each funeral home will have their own options based on state law. Usually the basic container is included in the price, but not always. You can often choose to purchase a wooden casket, rent a wood casket which holds the container, or simply use the basic cardboard container.





Industry Pricing

At Peace Memorials offers discounted prices for funeral homes, crematoriums, ash scattering services, and other funeral industry professionals. We also offer discounted pricing for our pet lines to veterinarians, animal shelters, rescue efforts, and the sort. You can choose to stock our items or we offer a convenient drop-ship service at no extra cost.   After you open your account on our site, please e-mail us at info@atpeacememorials.com and we can add you to our wholesale pricing list for special deals, offers, and discounts

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